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Details of Architecture


In architecture as in life, the details make all the difference.

In architecture as in life, the details make all the difference. Physical structures attract and open the eye whereas the smaller parts – the tactile details – go straight for the heart. Building on a legacy that stretches back to the 1920s and the creation of door handles and fittings made from iron and brass in hot forges, we design details that enhance the experience of architecture. Our exclusive range of fixed décor products are crafted from solid materials that convey an enduring touch, a profound feeling that becomes a natural part of the greater whole. And brimming with passion for the minimalistic expression, we believe in timeless design that combines the rational with the remarkable. The practical with the memorable.

Design philosophy

We design details that are integral parts of modern architecture. Door handles, knobs and house numbers, for example, that add a refined, lasting touch to rooms, homes and buildings. Inspired by Scandinavian classics, we offer a minimalistic yet sophisticated expression for the timeless contemporary statement. As a result, our products are made of genuine materials that provide a firm, solid feel and come with sleek lines and few components for a clean look. In addition, inborn functionality is an essential element of our design philosophy, which can be experienced as tactile usability and functional aesthetics.