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Letters from Sweden

Göran Söderström is one of Sweden's most successful typeface designers, and since 2011 he has run the renowned font agency Letters from Sweden. He designs both retail and custom-made fonts.

Typeface designer with a sense of architecture

Göran Söderström is one of Sweden's most successful and sought-after typeface designers. Since 2011, he runs the font agency Letters from Sweden in Stockholm, where he designs retail fonts sold via the company's website as well as custom-made typefaces developed exclusively for Swedish and international companies.

He finds inspiration for new typefaces from the collaboration with interesting people, but also from older typography books and exciting expressions in various areas. And regarding the fusion of typography and architecture, Göran believes that there is great potential for improvement and that architects and typeface designers can develop a deeper collaboration.

Over the years, Göran has designed and developed fonts for Tele2, Fjällräven, Posten Frimärken, ICA, Cadillac, Acne Studios, Nordea, the Swedish Armed Forces and Bullens Pilsnerkorv.

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