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Thomas Sandell

Since 1995 Thomas Sandell runs the architectural and design agency Sandellsandberg together with about 50 employees. During his career, he has designed everything from city plans to famous buildings and products.

One of Sweden's most distinguished architects and industrial designers

Thomas Sandell has worked with architecture and industrial design throughout his career and is today one of Sweden's leading in his industry. Since 1995, he runs the Sandellsandberg architectural and design office together with about 50 employees. The focus is on the interaction between details and large structures, and the company successfully design everything from city plans to well-known buildings and products.

In his portfolio are among other things the famous Gåshaga Brygga at Lidingö, the interior of Stockholm Stock Exchange and IKEA's famous chair Vågö, for which he was awarded Red Dot Design Award 2001.

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