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Knob TS 1:2

Functional aesthetics

Knob TS 1:2 chrome

Art nr: 18094 Designed by Thomas Sandell
42 EUR / pair

Designed knob of brass. The chrome/brushed chrome combination means that the back and front of the knob have a chrome and brushed chrome finish, respectively.

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Specifications and downloads


Size: 30 x 35 x 15 mm





Here you find all you need to start using the product in your project, whether you are a hobbyist, professional or architect.

Knob TS 1_2 3D.PDF

Knob TS 1_2 tech drawing.pdf

Knob TS 1_2.STEP

Knob TS 1_2


Our knobs are available in chrome/brushed chrome combination or polished/brushed brass that enhance the experience of architecture. Enjoy these integral parts of modern architecture that add a refined, lasting touch to rooms, homes and buildings.


Thomas Sandell


Since 1995 Thomas Sandell runs the architectural and design agency Sandellsandberg together with about 50 employees. During his career, he has designed everything from city plans to famous buildings and products.

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