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Privacy policy

This website is owned and run by Habo Gruppen AB, Box 203, 566 24 Habo, Sweden.

Personal data

Habo Gruppen AB naturally complies with the applicable laws and regulations, including Personuppgiftslagen (the Swedish Personal Data Act), to protect your integrity. Only a few persons with special permission have access to the information.

Personal data entered on our website, for example your name and email address, will be used as follows:

- If you order material, products or information, your personal data will be stored to allow us to fulfil such orders.
- When you collect material, your message will be registered. Such information will be used to, among other things, provide us with information about numbers of visitors and which information is requested. Read more under the section Cookies.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Habo Gruppen AB is not responsible for the processing of personal data on such websites. Information is entered voluntarily.


Visitors to a website must be informed of what cookies are used for and given the opportunity to refuse to allow cookies to be used. A cookie is a small text file that contains information and is stored on your computer. Cookies are used for purely technical purposes to make it easier to use the website. One type of cookie saves a file permanently on your computer. It can then be used to tailor a website to your tastes and interests. The other type of cookie is known as a session cookie. When you visit a website, cookies are sent between your computer and the server to produce information. Session cookies disappear when you close your web browser. If you do not accept the use of cookies, your web browser can be configured so you automatically refuse to allow cookies to be stored or are informed every time a website requests permission to store a cookie. Cookies that have previously been stored can also be deleted through the web browser. See the web browser’s help pages for more information.