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Great details interact with the big structures

The architect and industrial designer Thomas Sandell collaborates closely with Habo Selection. He has, for example, designed the new TS series, which features door handles for indoor and outdoor use, handles, hooks and knobs.

Thomas Sandell’s portfolio includes renowned designs such as the famous Gåshaga Brygga at Lidingö, the interior of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and IKEA's famous chair Vågö, for which he was awarded the Red Dot design award in 2001.

– Great details should barely be noticeable until you get really close. Then you should be amazed and feel: Wow, this is a nice handle, or whatever you're reflecting on. Says Thomas Sandell, one of Sweden's most distinguished architects and industrial designers.

Now he is ready to launch his and Habo Selection’s new TS series, which consists of door handles for indoor and outdoor use, handles, hooks and knobs.

– Door handles should be nice to hold and great to look at, he says. – We touch and are touched by these many times every day when we open and close doors.

”In the TS series we have rounded the door handle on the inside to offer a gentle touch to the palm of the hand while the outside has a sharper shape to provide a graphic, visual expression.”

The new products are available in several different materials, including brass and matt chrome. – For Habo Selection we use genuine materials that convey quality and weight, says Thomas. – Yellow metals are modern and popular, but we also use timeless materials such as matt chrome, which is always a commercially viable metal.


Five years of product development

Thomas and his colleagues at sandellsandberg are currently drawing 9,000 homes and the starting point for TS is that the collection should work both for new apartments and older houses.

”I have approached this project from an architectural perspective. How would I want these details to look?”

– The goal has been to create a long-term design that lasts over time since the handles and knobs will be used for many years, he says. – The collection therefore has a low-key expression, you almost shouldn’t think of it as design. Succeeding with this requires a sense of proportion, a feeling that usually takes many years for a designer to develop.

According to Thomas, industrial design itself is a time-consuming activity. For example, the TS collection has taken almost five years to develop.

– Great industrial design takes time. There are several parameters to sync, such as shape, material selection and the intended environments of the products. For interior design, the challenge lies in finding a design that does not scream but still adds something to the whole, something that subordinates itself to and interacts with the other architecture, he says. – With TS, we have created a great collection with a quiet design that we will use in several of our housing projects.